Starting Semester: Fall 2023
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

Delta Air Lines - Cargo

Client Profile

Delta Cargo offers access to an industry-leading global network, reaching hundreds of destinations and carrying billions of cargo ton-miles each year. Whether it’s transporting life-saving pharmaceuticals, organs for transplant, fresh flowers, seasonal produce or beloved pets, Delta Cargo’s strong product portfolio provides world-class service for every customer’s needs.

Project Description

“Service Recovery” is one of the biggest areas of opportunity to improve the customer experience when looking at the end-to-end lifecycle. While Delta Cargo ranks #3 in operational performance globally, our customers have made it clear that we must improve our processes and overall customer experience when shipments have issues. It’s common for customers to notify Delta Cargo of shipment issues before we know about it or have time to communicate to customers (reactive instead of proactive). Customer retention is largely driven by how well companies handle issues and Delta Cargo has an opportunity to improve in this space.

Delta Cargo is looking for a proposal to create an industry leading customer experience when shipments experience issues (i.e., delays, early arrivals, lost, etc.). The proposal should consider the experience for both B2B and B2C scenarios while considering innovative technologies and process improvements. Also need to consider an omnichannel approach that includes Call Center and self-service tools.


Process improvement, data analysis, problem solving, customer experience and creative thinking.