Starting Semester: Spring 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta


Client Profile

Convoy is transforming the $800 billion trucking industry. Convoy offers the world's largest companies the best option for moving their freight through its network of thousands of technology-connected trucking companies. Shippers get instant quotes, real-time GPS tracking on all shipments, and actionable business analytics to improve their supply chain. Trucking companies get access to free tools and resources that allow them to find loads they want, drive fuller trucks, and get paid quickly.

Project Description

In order for freight to move from Point A to Point B, appointments must be made at the pickup and delivery locations. When appointments are scheduled incorrectly, it has costly downstream impacts throughout the shipment lifecycle. The goal of this project is to quantify what that cost is, defining the impact of a scheduling error while comparing the cost of an error for 'Customer A' against an error for 'Customer B'. A subsequent goal will be to establish a process to detect and eliminate the costliest of errors.


- Data Analysis: familiarity with SQL data sources, regression analyses
- Process Improvement: building a scaleable process to reduce costs and improve service