Starting Semester: Fall 2022
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta


Client Profile

As the leading digital freight network we use technology to make freight more efficient, reducing costs for some of the nation's largest brands, increasing earnings for carriers, and eliminating carbon emissions from our planet. Convoy provides leading brands with elastic capacity to match full truckload freight demand and top-notch service. Empty trucks or trucks that aren't hauling freight account for a third of all miles driven. Our digital freight network reduces that by 45% through intelligent freight automation, giving our shippers savings in both wasteful emissions and unnecessary costs.

Project Description

Today, Convoy supports shipments that require two primary truck types, Dry Van and Reefer (refrigerated). To date, our processes and service have not differed between the two truck types, meaning we've treated a Reefer shipment the same way we would a Dry Van shipment. Despite similar treatment, Dry Van shipments have a margin per shipment that is more than double that of Reefer shipments, pointing to service deficiencies that should be addressed. As Convoy looks to grow our Reefer business, this project will aim to optimize our cost to support these shipments through process improvements and product enhancements. To date in 2022, Convoy has serviced approximately 8,300 Reefer shipments which accounts for 4.8% of our total business leaving significant room for growth. Through data analysis, market research, and process observation, we'll identify what makes a Reefer shipment appealing to our Carriers as well as what processes should be adapted or created for Reefer shipments. Ultimately, the goal is to drive Reefer operations to parity with Dry Van, allowing Convoy to scale that portion of our business.


Process design, root cause analysis, data analysis, statistical modeling, operations research.