ISyE faculty, Ph.D. students, and alumni members took home "Best Paper" awards at the 2023 IISE Annual Conference and Expo.

Gathering together in New Orleans for their exciting achievements, four of our H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Engineering (ISyE) members united to celebrate their papers and research studies.

This included two current faculty members: Chuck Zhang, Harold E. Smalley Professor, and Lauren Steimle, Assistant Professor. 

Joining these esteemed faculty members were two remarkable ISyE Ph.D. alumni who have carved out their own paths of excellence. Reem Khir, currently an Assistant Professor at Purdue University, and Dan Li, now an Assistant Professor at Clemson University.

The conference had two paper sessions: Best Application Paper and Best Paper. 

Both sessions featured representation from members within the Georgia Tech ISyE community, covering various studies ranging from Markov decision processes to cell manufacturing.


Best Application Paper Session:

IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Supply Chain and Logistics
Reem Khir, Alan Erera, and Alejandro Toriello, "Two-stage sort planning for express parcel delivery"

IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Design and Manufacturing
Jialei Chen, Zhaonan Liu, Kan Wang, Chen Jiang, Chuck Zhang, and Ben Wang, "A Calibration-free Method for Biosensing in Cell Manufacturing"

IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Data Science, Quality, and Reliability
Dan Li, Kamran Paynabar, and Nagi Gebraeel, "A degradation-based detection framework against covert cyberattacks on SCADA systems"


Best Paper Session:

IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Operation Engineering and Analytics
Lauren N. Steimle, Vinayak S. Ahluwalia, Charmee Kamdar, and Brian T. Denton, "Decomposition methods for solving Markov decision processes with multiple models of the parameters"


*bolded: GT ISyE members

Author: Camille C. Henriquez

Chuck Zhang, Dan Li, Reem Khir, Lauren Steimle, and Yu Ding (Editor in Chief of IISE Transactions)