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There are great opportunities to apply emerging technologies, including smart sensors, spatial-temporal analysis, and Artificial Intelligence to provide energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and safe transportation solutions. Dr. Tsai will present his research team’s work on collaborating with federal and state transportation agencies, as well as multinational automobile and logistics companies. This work aims to provide an integrated solution to monitor, predict, and optimize vehicle logistics, energy-emission efficiency, and safety by studying the interaction between vehicles and the transportation infrastructure using the developed GT smart data collection and advanced computing framework.


Yi-Chang James Tsai, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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In-person attendance to our SCL IRC sessions is complimentary for SCL corporate partners, SCL Industry Advisory Board members, SCL affiliated faculty and students, and students enrolled in the Masters in Supply Chain Engineering program. If you are a GT student who would like to attend in person and order lunch, we ask that you pay a $5 feeIf you are a member of the general public attending in-person, the cost to attend is $25 per session which includes a boxed lunch*. Virtual attendance is always free.

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