Our free, one-hour Webinar, "Three Key Principles of Influence: Driving Business Deals and Effective Negotiations", will provide an overview on how to better strengthen preparation, planning, and execution activities involved with both simple and complex negotiations. High-level industry-based negotiation techniques and tools that can be used on the job or at home will be discussed, as well as process and organizational tips you can count on to help you drive more effective negotiations for better business deals.


This webinar is ideal for procurement, supply chain, operations, facilities, finance, and supplier diversity executives as well as professionals with category leadership, contract management or supplier performance responsibilities. It should also appeal to and support negotiation skill development of sales executives, project managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs and small business executives.


  • Increase your awareness of popular negotiation prep tools and philosophies
  • Deepen your understanding of key universal contract terms to better prepare your approach
  • Learn to better manage the use of techniques and soft skills to direct and redirect negotiation momentum
  • Leverage your Personal Negotiation Style to comfortably control negotiations and lead your support team


G’Sean Williams is a Lead Instructor for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute's Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) Leadership Certificate courses where he uses his experience in negotiating deals, managing contracts and leading procurement teams globally for companies like Intel, WestRock, and Bristol Myers Squibb. He is also Executive Director of Supply Chain Practice for SMS Advisors, a Procurement & Supply Chain Specialty Consulting Firm for Small Business Suppliers and Corporations. Mr. Williams, CPSM, serves as the Chair of the Board for Institute of Supply Management Carolinas-Virginia (ISM-CV).


Offered September 24-28, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Learn more at https://www.scl.gatech.edu/PSM.