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Bachelor's @ ISyE

The Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering’s (ISyE) undergraduate program has been ranked the #1 program of its kind in the nation since 1991 according to the U.S. News & World Reports. While many of our students seek out our program because of our top rankings, they are equally attracted to the number of concentrations and academic interests offered. Yet one of the most alluring qualities of this program is the flexibility of career options that our Bachelor of Science (BSIE) degree allows.


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

advising students

"We hope to instill a passion in our students as we help to develop their skills so that they can integrate engineering knowledge, tools, and methods with sustainable practices early on in their education so that when they graduate, they will be prepared to make a real difference in this world."

Dr. Dima Nazzal, director of student services at ISyE, pictured left.

Our BSIE curriculum provides the technical expertise that one would expect in an engineering major. It also provides excellent preparation to function in a great breadth of professional settings such as manufacturing, logistics, economic and financial modeling, transportation, consulting, health and humanitarian logistics, etc.

What we Do: Industrial engineering (IE) is a branch of engineering that applies mathematics to different aspects of business processes to improve efficiency and productivity. IE uses technology to properly manage resources of all kinds, including human beings, around the world, and designs and analyzes complex systems that integrate technical, economic, and social factors for all types of organizations.

Problems we Solve: The methodologies involved in IE are probability, optimization, economic decision analysis, statistics and computer science. The important application domains are supply chain systems, manufacturing, quality control, economic and financial systems, energy systems, healthcare systems, and many others.




Prospective Students

At ISyE, we strive to offer you an enriching and personal experience. In fact, if you ask students what they enjoy most about ISyE, they will often tell you it's the supportive community that fosters close relationships among students, advisors, and faculty. From advisors who connect students to study abroad, internships and careers to faculty who mentor and guide students, this is a community that wants you to succeed and will encourage and challenge you every step of the way.

92% of our BSIE students received job offers 2 months prior to graduation with a median starting salary of $66,530



Undergraduate Programs Office

Photo of Chen Zhou

Chen Zhou

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Groseclose, 202
Dima Nazzal

Dima Nazzal

Director of Student Services
Groseclose, 210
Dawn Strickland

Dawn Strickland

Academic Advisor
Groseclose, 203F
Photo of Frances Buser

Frances Buser

Academic Advisor
Groseclose, 203A

Stacey Gangloff

Academic Advisor
Groseclose, 203
Photo of Brandy Blake

Brandy Blake

Academic Advisor and Communication Specialist
Groseclose, 223A