Amelia Musselman


Amelia Musselman is pursuing her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College in 2011 and M.S. in Operations Research from Georgia Tech in 2014. She is a 2016/2017 recipient of the Roche/ARCS Foundation Award and has previously received the ARCS Global Impact Award and President’s Fellowship at Georgia Tech.

Amelia is interested in applied optimization, in particular as it relates to renewable energy and national security challenges. Her dissertation involves three projects: analyzing electrification strategies for sub-Saharan Africa, strategically locating wind farms to minimize the negative impacts of wind variability, and selecting mitigation options to defend against radiological/nuclear material smuggling. She has also pursued these interests as a Post-Bachelor's Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory prior to beginning her Ph.D. and through internships at Sandia National Laboratories and RAND Corporation.

Dissertation Title
A Study on Public Service Applications of Optimization Under Uncertainty