Alexander Stroh

Alexander Stroh is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. He received his MS in Statistics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His B.S. in Math and B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering were awarded from the University of Minnesota.

His research primarily focuses on the tactical design of last-mile logistical systems. He applies continuous approximations within the context of same-day distribution systems in order to study aggregate-level system behavior. This work makes it possible to better design such systems, which are often the most costly and resource constraining in a logistical system. He also works on designing of delivery routes which are optimized for customer service levels, rather than the traditional cost minimization problem for a delivery fleet.

Alexander also enjoys teaching applied mathematics. He recently held a position at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he was the primary instructor for ISyE 4031: Regression and Forecasting. He has held numerous teaching assistant roles at both the undergraduate and graduate student level.

Broad interests in optimization, supply chain engineering, statistics, and healthcare.