ISyE Graduate and Undergraduate Student Awards

ISyE Graduate and Undergraduate Student Awards



Congratulations on the many accomplishments being celebrated this year.

Graduate Awards

Awards for Excellence in Research

The Shabbir Ahmed Research Excellence Award
  • Jiaming Liang (Optimization)
  • Sebastian Perez-Salazar (Optimization)
The Atlanta Air Cargo Association Research Excellence Award
  • Jana Boerger (Supply Chain Engineering)
The Robert Goodell Brown Research Excellence Award
  • Liyan Xie (Data Science and Statistics)
The Anderson-Interface Research Excellence Award
  • Amin Gholami (Energy and Sustainable Systems)
The Thos and Clair Muller Research Excellence Award
  • Zhaowei She (Health Analytics and Health Systems)
The Angela P. and Reed J. Baker Research Excellence Award
  • Jialei Chen (Advanced Manufacturing and SIAC)
The Margaret and Stephen Kendrick Research Excellence Award
  • Keyu Zhu (Analytics and Machine Learning)
The Ed Iacobucci Research Excellence Award
  • Daniela Hurtado-Lange (Applied Probability and Simulation)

Additional Graduate Awards

Alice and John Jarvis Ph.D. Student Research Award

Winners: Yatharth Dubey and Zhe (Jimmy) Zheng

Honorable mention: Jiaming Liang and Daan Rutten

Georgia Tech Graduate Student Instructor of the Year Award

This award is from the Center for Teaching and Learning and celebrates the contributions to teaching excellence at Georgia Tech made by graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants.

Winner: Arvind Krishna

Phil and Delores A. Scott Graduate Student Health and Wellness Award

Awarded to students for taking the initiative to help themselves and others to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


  • Akane Fujimoto Wakabayashi
  • Nidhima Grover
  • Daniela Hurtado Lange
  • Prakirt Jhunjhunwala
  • Sajad Khodadadian
  • Arvind Krishna
  • Ritesh Ojha
  • Anjolaoluwa Popoola
  • Sushil Varma
ISyE Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

This award is given to a graduate student who has shown excellence in teaching.


  • Arvind Krishna
  • Chungjae Lee
ISyE Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award (On-Campus)

This award is given to a graduate student who has shown excellence as a teaching assistant.

Winner: Liyan Xie

ISyE Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award (Online)

This award is given to a graduate student who has shown excellence as an online teaching assistant.

Winner: Sheng Zhang

ISyE Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award (MTA)

This award is given to a graduate student who has shown excellence as a teaching assistant.

Winner: Saurabh Doodhwala

Undergraduate Awards

University System of Georgia Academic Recognition Day Award

Winner: Morgan Knowlton

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding leadership of an ISyE student organization. The award recipient is selected based on the student’s breadth and depth of involvement and leadership in that organization. 


  • Oscar Aguilar
  • Ria Thakkar
Georgia Tech IISE Student Chapter Awards

The Georgia Tech student chapter of IISE offers three awards to recognize those with strong academic performance, service, and leadership.

  • Excellence in Leadership Award:
    • Oscar Aguilar
    • Ria Thakkar
  • Outstanding First Year Award: Christophoros (Chris) Kontomaris
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Jisoon (Mark) Lim
  • Rising Star Award: Madeleine Pollack
The Evelyn Pennington Outstanding Service Award

This award is given to a senior who has provided exceptional service to ISyE.


  • Morgan Knowlton 
  • Yassin Watson
The Evelyn Pennington Student Health and Wellness Award

This award is given to the students who show a concrete effort to engage in, advocate for, or lead in efforts to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.


  • Joann Ahn
  • Annika Callaham
  • Hung Doan
  • Hannah Erickson
  • Adrianna Fu
  • Anika Islam
  • Cecilia McManus
  • Carl Peterson
Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentation Award

The Undergraduate Research Symposium and sponsoring colleges and departments recognize students who have exceptional poster and oral presentations. Students are chosen for a poster award based on the quality of their presentation and are evaluated by judges for each college.

Third place winner (COE): Madeleine Pollack

COE Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

The Outstanding Undergraduate Research award is organized by The Undergraduate Student Research Program and is awarded to an ISyE student who has demonstrated proficiency and promise in research.

Winner: Mckade Stewart

Kurt Salmon Associates Scholarship in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Kurt Salmon award is presented to selected seniors in ISyE. The award is based on academic merit and contribution to the School. 


  • Abigail Chambless
  • Eman Mustafa
  • Trevor Pope
  • Jamel Thompson
KS2 Technologies, Inc. Entrepreneurship Award

The KS2 Technologies Entrepreneurship award is presented to current students who have demonstrated entrepreneurship while pursuing the BSIE degree. The award is to be used toward the students’ business or academics.


  • John Raj
  • Raneem Rizvi
Nicolas and Aurora Suarez Condezo International Award

The Nicholas and Aurora Suarez Condezo International Award recognizes a student who pursues progress through education, strives to take tangible actions to improve their communities, and aspires to pay it forward to others in their lives.

Winner: Jisoon (Mark) Lim

ISyE Alpha Pi Mu Academic Excellence Award

The Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society presents this award to seniors with strong academic achievement, including GPA, rigor of curriculum, research, and other scholarly accomplishments. The winners’ names will be added to the perpetual plaque outside of the ISyE Academic Office.

Winner: Tejas Santanam

ISyE Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award 

This award is given to a current student who has served as an undergraduate TA or grader for an ISyE course for at least one full semester at the time of nomination. A committee in ISyE selects a recipient based on his or her nomination package and evidence of teaching effectiveness.

Winner: Veronica Bian