SD - 12/24/2020 Ecomspaces


Project Description

Ecomspaces’ operations team is excited to partner with the senior design team to improve the efficiency of the processes on the fulfillment and parcel-forwarding sides of the business. One of the challenges we face as a company is the high level of customization we offer to our customers. As it stands, the outstanding areas of focus include: a review of the locations generation system, a review of the receiving and put-away procedures, optimization of pick routes, and an evaluation of storage layout. The primary goal of the project is to increase throughput and speed while maintaining accuracy to allow for scalability. This project allows for creativity and due to our small size, your solutions have the potential to be rapidly implemented.

Self-starter - Motivated and able to complete tasks and achieve goals as an independent unit Problem-solving - Adept at identifying problems, troubleshooting potential causes, and devising a solution Communication - Ability to communicate clearly to non-technical staff members and comfortable making presentations Data Analysis - Comfortable working with large data sets and extracting insightful takeaways Other skills - Warehouse layout, Workflow analysis and improvements, and Inventory planning
Nicolas Troplent


Starting Semester: Spring 2021
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta Ga
Submitted: 12/24/2020