SD - 11/03/2020 RefrigiWear, Inc

RefrigiWear, Inc

Project Description

RefrigiWear operates out of a single distribution center in Dahlonega, GA which fulfills roughly 200,000 shipments annually. Business is highly seasonal, with a large spike in order volume occurring from October through February. RefrigiWear is committed to offering best a best in class customer experience, which includes short lead times for accurate order fulfillment.

In order to keep up with increasing customer demand, RefrigiWear is looking to evaluate and improve the overall order throughput of its distribution center. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to: assessment of receiving and put-away process, a review of pick bin slotting, optimization of pick path, and an evaluation of repacking / shipping line layout.

Goals of the project are to reduce order fulfillment time during peak season, overtime labor costs, and reliance on a seasonal workforce.

We will encourage our project team to utilize our WMS software to guide and implement recommendations

Data analysis, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma
Steve Walker


Starting Semester: Spring 2021
Assigned: No
Location: Dahlonega GA
Submitted: 11/03/2020