SD - 10/22/2020 GE Power

GE Power

Project Description

Engineering Resource Forecast and Optimization

The challenge is forecasting engineering resources required to provide solutions to technical inquiries. GE Gas Power currently works over 50k technical inquiries a year supported by hundreds of engineers. The technical inquiries range in complexity and apply to many different power generation technologies. The technical inquiries come in 24/7/365 from all corners of the globe. Many inquiries involve matters that could have significant impact to customer economics. The engineering organization that supports these technical inquiries needs to have the right level of skill sets in the right time zones of the world to be able provide prompt solutions. The outcome of this project would include: identification of statistically significant contributing factors, a forecasting model for engineering skill quantities by region, and an optimization model for evaluating trade-offs between resourcing scenarios.

Forecasting Optimization Statistics Economic cost-benefit analysis
Ben Myers


Starting Semester: Spring 2021
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta GA United States
Submitted: 10/22/2020