SD - 05/13/2020 Bonduelle Fresh Americas

Bonduelle Fresh Americas

Project Description

Variety of ideas:

- Implement Stock Room and Parts Optimization based on ABC analysis to better control inventory and stockroom items in our maintenance department to drive down costs and improve inventory savings.
- X Matrix Implementation to be used for organizational improvement to concisely capture the company alignment on strategies.
- Exploratory replacement of our current water chillers with shell and tube systems. Our current system is not efficient. We are currently using plate heat exchangers in our chillers. We are seeking to save energy costs through use of a better process.
- We are looking to yield some improvement on our salad production lines. Conduct some type of analysis of how to improve processes for each line. This will increase production and eliminate down time between changeovers.

- We are looking for ways to reduce our organic waste due to our daily processing of a variety of lettuce and vegetables.

- Analysis needs to be conducted to determine an effective optimization of our current schedule/run strategy for production lines. This will allow us to increase our production rate and decrease any downtime or eliminate any unnecessary processes that impede production overall. This analysis could include start up and shut down procedures that also provide a long term energy savings for the plant.

- Analyze our current water usage and implement various ways of reducing that usage to lessen the impact on the environment while still providing quality product to our customers.

- Analyze our SPC process for fill weights on our salad production line to improve the speed and efficiency.

Workflow/Processes analysis and improvement; Time studies; Scheduling Analysis; OEE Analysis; Environmental Waste Analysis


Starting Semester: Fall 2020
Assigned: Yes
Location: Jackson Ga
Submitted: 05/13/2020