SD - 05/13/2020 United Parcel Service- Global Customer Solutions

United Parcel Service- Global Customer Solutions

Project Description

The goal is to take a fresh look at the existing carbon calculator methodology and infrastructure. The goal of the project is to deliver a new carbon calculator that offers on demand carbon output for a customers shipments through out the supply chain for a specified period of time. Utilize research methods on potential technology that would support the design of the new carbon calculator process that the students recommend based on their learnings of the existing process. The new process must meet the certification requirements of the third party certifier. This is a simulation process of the shipments that move through the supply chain to measure and report GHG emissions. A successful deliverable would stream line the existing process for calculating the GHG emissions and allow for instant access to the reporting of the customers shipments simulated through the new calculator. Demonstrate the resource time savings, customer experience increase and improved content for what the industry if looking for in a future report on their sustainability efforts including the options to offset the GHG emissions.

Simulation, software skills preferred are R Studio, Alteryx, and SQL.


Starting Semester: Fall 2020
Assigned: Yes
Location: Alpharetta Ga
Submitted: 05/13/2020