SD - 04/17/2020 Warner Robins Air Force Base - 402nd CMXG

Warner Robins Air Force Base - 402nd CMXG

Project Description

CMXG requirements and issues
402d Commodities Maintenance Group (CMXG) repairs the radomes for certain USAF aircraft to include F-15, C-5, C-17, C-130, MC-130 Talon II, and E-8 JSTARS along with the C-5 nose plug and C-130 spinners. This occurs in three buildings. From induction to completion, the current shop layout does not allow for asset flow optimization, high productivity, and minimization of waste. Asset demand has variability month to month depending on aircraft arrival and what the USAF planning systems drive. By implementing robotics, CMXG is removing as many personnel as possible from hazardous environments while providing better quality product to the customer. Examples include a robotic paint system, working with Air Force Research Laboratory to develop collaborative microwave mapping robots (COBOT), and awarding a contract for a robotic radome repair robot. Besides transitioning this equipment to the new facility, all similar operations should be transitioned to robotics.
EMXG requirements and issues
402d Electronic Maintenance Group (EMXG) tests and tunes radomes for a variety of weapon system platforms for USAF aircraft to include F-15, C-5, C-17, C-130, and B-52. The work is currently performed in a combination of 11 individual indoor and outdoor facilities with significant geographic separation. Along with that, each radome has to be transported from its original “repaired” location to our EMXG facilities for test and tuning, then back to the 402d CMXG repair shop. Finally, from the CMXG shop, the radomes have to travel again back into the supply system. All of the test and support equipment is obsolete and suffers very low reliability at times. Along with that, the nature of outdoor testing creates downtime due to rain and lightning strikes. Finally, the OSHA mandated fall protection on the multi-story indoor/outdoor facilities is less than ideal due to the cumbersome lanyard/harness solution the technicians are required to utilize to stay safe. Therefore, EMXG needs to finance and construct a consolidated radar test range co-locate adjacent to a new 402d CMXG radome repair facility.
Technology Insertion Opportunities
As noted above, significant opportunities exist to convert manual processes into automated ones.
• The 402d EMXG needs to upgrade all radar ranges to modern radar ranges with commercial off the shelf supportable electronics components to improve their reliability and quality of testing.
• Both CMXG and EMXG need to identify opportunities to deploy more industrial robotics to improve employee well-being, product quality, capacity, and equipment supportability.
• Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) environments should be integrated with new inspection technologies to provide employees with the data they need to make the proper repair decisions.
• Improved paint removal technologies (laser depaint) may be incorporated into the CMXG facility to reduce sanding requirements.
Project Outcome:
A successful project for RAFB would include:
1) Conceptual design of a co-located workspace for radome repair and indoor test range, including office space, breakroom, bathroom location, storage, staging area, mechanical room, and all repair processes.
2) Current workflow analysis for analytical comparison to create metrics for process improvement time, travel, and cost savings to provide a return on investment.
3) Optimized workflow analysis and simulation considering variable demand to include 20-30% surge capacity.
4) Discovered opportunities during the course of the project.
About 402d CMXG:
402d CMXG provides maintenance support to major weapon systems including F-15, C-17, C-5, C-130, and Special Operations Forces (SOF) aircraft through major structural repair, manufacturing, modification, component, and special process repair. The large depot maintenance industrial operation possesses a budget of $147M and employs 1,200 people across 32 facilities.
About 402d EMXG:
The 402d EMXG is the largest avionics group in the Air Force with more than 1,000 military and civilian personnel assigned. EMXG owns responsibility for avionics/electronic warfare, support equipment repair, and overhaul and modification of avionics systems used on all Air Force weapon systems. Additionally, the group performs printed wiring board, cable, tester, and hybrid manufacturing and provides product and facility engineering support and organic repair to mitigate parts obsolescence.

Primary: ISYE (process flow and shop layout) Note that this project can only have students who are US citizens.


Starting Semester: Fall 2020
Assigned: Yes
Location: Robins AFB Ga
Submitted: 04/17/2020