SD - 04/09/2020 Fox Theatre, inc.

Fox Theatre, inc.

Project Description

The Fox is 90 years old and though the architecture and design is one of a kind and contributes to our success, the lack of space and square footage makes it especially challenging to accommodate our guests needs during Broadway events where the intermission is not only limited but is also punitive. While we have quite the mix of shows and events, Broadway shows are over 40% of the events that take place here, followed closely by concerts, family shows, movies and other events. In most cases, if you do not return to your seats on time after intermission, you’re are not allowed to return to your seats until the first scene has concluded in the second act of a Broadway show which leads to reduced concession sales and guest dissatisfaction. After conducting a movement study, we found that over 50% of our Broadway guests do not leave their seats during a performance to visit the restroom or concession stands. This means that, guest are seeing the congestion and wait times causing nearly half of almost 5,000 people to stay in their seats during this time. This is detrimental to both our guests experience and the Fox.

We are presently considering expanding our lobby into an existing space within the facility to gain additional square footage to alleviate some of the congestion. This addition alone will not solve the issue as there is only a finite about of space to expand into. Simultaneously, we will be implementing an update to our point of sale system and as well as other technology, to improve the guest experience and concession operation. The challenge we face is, finding the proper solution to dictate the design, application of solutions, and new technology to all operate as a unified system that increases both guest satisfaction/experience as well as throughput.

Current Data available
- Movement study (includes transaction times, que analysis and more)
- Ticket Sales & Drop count analytics
- Previous PMIX concessions data
- Current renovation design concepts & schematics
- Facility schematics
- Other ancillary research on technology, the market, and more.

System/process Design, Data Analysis, workflow and process analysis, Queuing Theory, etc.


Starting Semester: Fall 2020
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta Ga
Submitted: 04/09/2020