SD - 03/30/2020 Georgia Tech Capital Planning and Space Management

Georgia Tech Capital Planning and Space Management

Project Description

With the eventual completion of the Tech Square Phase III (TS3) building, Capital Planning and Space Management will have a need for a holistic campus review of current existing Instructional Classroom space for strategic backfill opportunities.

The Team will be expected to outline and make recommendations on possible repurposing and/or distribution of instructional space based on several factors. Examples:

· Classroom capacity shift created by additional instructional space in TS3

· Travel time between classrooms

· Current scheduling block patterns

· Current scheduling process and procedures

· Consideration of classroom capacities for optimal seat count density

· Efficiency of time use and seat fill of current instructional inventory

· Enrollment trends and future need

· Economic impacts to GT (Utility costs as one of many factors)

The team will be expected to develop methodology and present additional factors to be considered that are not outlined specifically in the proposal.

As the main point of contact within CPSM Jimmie Hardin will leverage current signed data Memorandum of Understandings with the Registrar, Human Resources, The Office of Facilities, and Enterprise Data Management to give the student team access to any available data needed for completion of project. As the project progresses, CPSM will leverage relationships with additional offices on campus to try and obtain yet unidentified data necessary for completion of the project.

The expectation is that the methodology and process developed by this project will be possibly used going forward in the strategic allocation and repurposing of instructional space on GT’s campus. CPSM will partner with the team giving insight into current methodology, but expects the team to use their skillset and knowledge to recommend best practices moving forward.

In addition to implied and required skillsets required to be a successful ISYE student, CPSM asks that where possible, agreed upon deliverables be developed using Tableau software. CPSM has access to Tableau server space and will be willing to give access to individual team members based on need. This requirement is not necessary for successful completion of project, but is preferred if available.


Starting Semester: Fall 2020
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta Ga
Submitted: 03/30/2020