Tentative Graduate Course Projections

The following table is a projected schedule for graduate courses in a typical year.  The actual schedule may differ, check OSCAR for updated schedule.  A course listed with no projection may be taught on an irregular schedule.  

Course Fall Spring Summer
ISyE 6201 Manufacturing Systems   X  
ISyE 6202 Warehousing Systems X    
ISyE 6203 Transportation and Supply Chain Systems   X  
ISyE 6225 Engineering Economy X    
ISyE 6227 Introduction to Financial Engineering      
ISyE 6229 Productivity Measurement and Analysis         
ISyE 6230 Economic Decision Analysis   X  
ISyE 6307 Scheduling Theory X    
ISyE 6320 Public Impact Applications of OR and Mgt Science   X  
ISyE 6333 Operations Research I for SCE X    
ISyE 6334 Operations Research II for SCE X    
ISyE 6335 Supply Chain Engineering I X    
ISyE 6336 Supply Chain Engineering II   X  
ISyE 6337 Supply Chain Engineering III   X  
ISyE 6338 Supply Chain Strategy   X  
ISyE 6339 Supply Chain Information Systems   X  
ISyE 6340 Supply Chain Seminar   X  
ISyE 6341 Supply Chain Capstone Project I X   X
ISyE 6342 Supply Chain Capstone Project I X   X
ISyE 6402 Time-Series Analysis   X  
ISyE 6404 Nonparametric Statistics X    
ISyE 6405 Stat Methods for Manufacturing Design/Improvement X    
ISyE 6412 Theoretical Statistics X    
ISyE 6413 Design and Analysis of Experiments   X  
ISyE 6414 Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis X X X
ISyE 6416 Computational Statistics   X  
ISyE 6420 Bayesian Statistics   2015  
ISyE 6421 Biostatistics      
ISyE 6644 Simulation X X  
ISyE 6650 Probabilistic Models and Their Applications X    
ISyE 6656 Queuing Theory      
ISyE 6661 Linear Optimization X    
ISyE 6662 Discrete Optimization   X  
ISyE 6663 Nonlinear Optimization   X  
ISyE 6664 Stochastic Optimization X    
ISyE 6669 Deterministic Optimization X X  
ISyE 6673 Financial Optimization X    
ISyE 6679 Computational Methods in Operations Research X    
ISyE 6701 Energy Technology and Policy   X  
ISyE 6739 Basic Statistical Methods   X X (Distance Learning)
ISyE 6759 Stochastic Processes in Finance I X    
ISyE 6761 Stochastic Processes I X    
ISyE 6762 Stochastic Processes II   X  
ISyE 6767 Design/Impl. of Sys. To Support Comp. Finance X    
ISyE 6769 Fixed Income Securities   X  
ISyE 6772 Managing Resources of the Technological Firm X X  
ISyE 6773 Strategic Management of Technology-Based Ventures      
ISyE 6774 Management of Technology Project       
ISyE 6775 Management of Technology Seminar      
ISyE 6777 Analysis of Emerging Technologies       
ISyE 6779 Dynamic System Simulation & Modeling      
ISyE 6781 Reliability Theory      
ISyE 6783 Statistical Techniques of Financial Data Analysis   X  
ISyE 6785 The Practice of QCF X    
ISyE 6792 Manufacturing Seminar X    
ISyE 6805 Reliability Engineering      
ISyE 6810 System Monitoring and Prognostics   X  
ISyE 6832 Simulation Theory and Methods   X  
ISyE 7201 Production and Service Systems Engineering   X  
ISyE 7203 Logistics Systems Engineering X    
ISyE 7204 Informatics in Production and Service Systems      
ISyE 7210 Real-Time Interactive Simulation       
ISyE 7400 Advanced Design of Experiments   2015  
ISyE 7401 Advanced Statistical Modeling   X  
ISyE 7405 Multivariate Data Analysis X    
ISyE 7406 Data Mining and Statistical Learning   X  
ISyE 7510 Graph Algorithms      
ISyE 7653 Case Studies in Logistics and Manufacturing       
ISyE 7661 Theory of Linear Inequalities X    
ISyE 7682 Convexity       
ISyE 7683 Advanced Nonlinear Programming X    
ISyE 7686 Advanced Combinatorial Optimization   X  
ISyE 7687 Advanced Integer Programming   2015  
ISyE 7688 Computational Mathematical Programming       
ISyE 8011 Graduate Seminar X X  
ISyE 8012 Graduate Seminar X X  
ISyE 8013 Graduate Seminar X X  
ISyE 8014 Contemporary Topics in SIAC       
ISyE 8803 Introduction to Analytic Methods X    
ISyE 8813 Mathematics of Operations Research X    
ISyE 8813 Game Theory 2015    
ISyE 8900 Special Problems in Industrial Engineering X X X
ISyE 8901 Special Problems in Operations Research X X X
ISyE 9000 Doctoral Thesis X X X
HS 6000 Introduction to Healthcare Delivery X    
HS 6100 Healthcare Delivery System Models       
HS 6200 Healthcare Financial Management      
HS 6300 Healthcare Information Systems       
HS 6400 Healthcare Systems Practice   X  
HS 8900 Special Problems X X X