Alumni Spotlight: Miroslav "Miro" Gregorovic Pursues his Passion After Earning a Master's in Supply Chain Engineering from ISyE

Nov 13, 2012 | Atlanta, GA

Miroslav "Miro" Gregorovic, who graduated from the 12 month Master’s in Supply Chain Engineering (MS SCE) program at Georgia Tech in July 2012, is already putting his newly acquired skills to work in a new position as an operations analyst at SanDisk, a global leader in flash memory storage solutions based in the Silicon Valley. Gregorovic is a part of the new two-year, college graduate rotational program at SanDisk, where he responds to shifting priorities and business needs by identifying, developing, and promoting new methods and processes.

“Using the skills and knowledge I gained through the MS SCE program at Georgia Tech, my plan was to stay in the U.S. and work in supply chain operations at a high-tech company, pursuing my passion for new technology and innovation. So, when I received a job offer from SanDisk, it was a dream come true and I am so thrilled that I accepted this opportunity,” said Gregorovic.

With an interest in aviation since childhood, Gregorovic first became fascinated with the world of logistics when he visited the air traffic control tower at Vaclav Havel Prague Airport during a high school trip.

“It was such a great opportunity to see how all traffic was organized and also explore more about the history of the airport,” said Gregorovic.  “Having this extraordinary experience to observe all aircrafts and other traffic perfectly coordinated sparked my desire to be part of this amazing industry.”

Over the course of his studies, Gregorovic’s interest evolved from air logistics to the more complex area of supply chain engineering.  After receiving a master’s degree in management and economics in transportation from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Gregorovic began looking to enhance his knowledge in the specialized field of supply chain engineering, while simultaneously gaining international experience.

Gregorovic chose to continue his education at Georgia Tech because of the Institute’s superior reputation in research, academics, and culture.  Looking for a program that focuses on real-world application, rather than theory alone, he found the MS SCE program at the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) to be the perfect fit to follow his academic pursuits.

“The Master’s in Supply Chain Engineering program at Georgia Tech was a perfect fit for me, and I was even more pleased to win the prestigious Naumann-Etienne scholarship which helped with tuition and fees,” said Gregorovic. “ISyE, which has ranked as the top program of its kind for last 22 years, made my academic dream come true.”

According to Gregorovic, going through the intensive 12 month MS SCE program with the same group of students gave him an opportunity to gain valuable team building skills by working on multiple projects with the same classmates.  Gregorovic also gained valuable hands-on experience through the program’s course work. 

“The program aims to provide a unique combination of engineering skills and professional oriented modules. As a student with one master’s degree completed and one year of working experience, I was eager to take on this amazing curriculum.  I can truly say that all classes and project assignments substantially boosted my engineering knowledge and team expertise.  And in addition, the experience led me to develop many great friendships with people from around the globe,” said Gregorovic.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Gregorovic received his BSc in automation and informatics from Czech Technical University in Prague in 2009, and a BA in European logistics from Coventry University in the UK in 2010.  Aside from his studies, one of his biggest passions is music. Gregorovic has played trombone for ten years, and was a member of the Georgia Tech marching band while earning his master’s in SCE.

“To be honest, it was a little bit of a shock at first - 349 American students with previous marching experience, and me starting from scratch. But being in the marching band, getting to know all of the traditions, making amazing new friends, and playing on a football field in front of 30,000 people is one of my best memories during my studies in the U.S.  I can honestly say that it absolutely enhanced my Georgia Tech experience and made me proud of my Alma Mater.  GO JACKETS!!!”

  • Gregorovic was a member of the Georgia Tech marching band
    Gregorovic was a member of the Georgia Tech marching band
  • Gregorovic is working as an operations analyst at SanDisk
    Gregorovic is working as an operations analyst at SanDisk

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