2021 News

NASA astronaut and ISyE alumnus Shane Kimbrough (third from left) with Crew-2. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Kimbrough is leading the Crew-2 mission which is the second of six crewed missions scheduled as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program.

Maxim Geller

Learn about DSGT and their yearly hackathon, Hacklytics, in this interview with ISyE student Maxim Geller, who serves as an executive board member of the club.

Vedant Pradeep and Ziyi Gao

The Reframe app -- created by an ISyE alumna and a ChBE alumnus -- features a 120-day program that provides diversions to interrupt users from the urge to consume alcohol during a typical 20-...

Alex Berry

Alex Berry is an expert in collaborative problem-solving and was part of the group that brought in a large grant for the development of Georgia Tech’s Effective Team Dynamics Initiative (ETD).

Hannah Tracy and Vignesh Sekar

ISyE students Vignesh Sekar and Hannah Tracy are active members of SMILE, a student organization that creates initiatives to bring positivity and joy to the Georgia Tech community.

Pinar Keskinocak

Among other tasks, the committee will examine Covid-19 vaccine dissemination both regionally and globally, with an eye toward implications for flu vaccine distribution.

Associate Professor and Director of the Algorithms and Randomness Center Mohit Singh

Singh's tenure will be effective in mid-August.

Madeleine Pollack

The Brooke Owens Fellowship is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities in the aerospace industry to undergraduate women and other gender minorities.

Joseph Macrina

Being an ISyE student means a demanding academic load and being a Division 1 football player also requires wholehearted dedication.

Mihir Kandarpa

Kandarpa serves on the executive board of The Covid Conversation, a Georgia-based organization that provides fact-based, nonpolitical information about Covid-19.

Dima Nazzal

Two ISyE faculty members have been honored with Institute-level teaching awards from the Georgia Tech Center for Teaching and Learning.

George Lan

The H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) announced that George Lan has been promoted to the rank of professor.

Jorge Guzman

"The resilience and decision-making skills I developed at Tech pushed us along to now have the most recognized craft brewery in Guatemala,” Guzman said.

No. 1 Graduate Program for 31 Years

The 2022 USNWR graduate program rankings have been released, and for the 31st consecutive year, Georgia Tech ISyE is in the top spot.  

ISyE Assistant Professor Lauren Steimle

How many students can fit in one classroom if everyone must be six feet apart? Steimle's research helped Georgia Tech answer that question.

George Nemhauser

In this Q&A, Nemhauser reveals the career accomplishment he's most proud of and what he foresees for the field of operations research, among other topics.

George Nemhauser

In his 60-year-long academic career, George Nemhauser developed theory and applications that profoundly shaped the field of operations research. He spent 35 years at ISyE.

ISyE Senior Design Team "The Swing Space Champs"

The team worked with Capital Planning and Space Management to develop a tool that will help identify available instructional classroom space for when campus buildings are renovated.

Chloe Babcock

Babcock's area of specialization is orbital warfare, which directs the use of satellites in war. She sees the USSF as an exciting opportunity to use her skills on behalf of the U.S. military.

Morgan Knowlton

Knowlton has served in multiple leadership roles across campus, representing both the Stewart School and Tech students and is a Stamps President’s Scholar.

Pascal Van Hentenryck

ISyE Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck leads an interdisciplinary Georgia Tech team that was selected for an award in the Communities and Mobility category.

Michael Guldberg

Michael Guldberg has a knack for numbers. Just glance at his stat 
line as a three-year member of the Georgia Tech baseball team.

Charu Thomas

Headquartered in the hills of northwest Arkansas, Thomas' retail-tech startup, Oculogx, uses AR wearable devices to make warehouse order picking faster and more accurate. 

ISyE Doctoral Student Spotlight

Dipayan Banerjee, Isabella Sanders, and Jovan Julien are three of ISyE's outstanding Ph.D. students. You can learn more about them in the profiles published here.

Tuba Ketenci

Georgia Tech ISyE has inspired critical thinking in K-12 students through outreach programs that explore STEM fields via real-world problem solving activities.

Student Leaders

Here we highlight five ISyE students and recent alums who became leaders during their time at Georgia Tech and made an impact on the student organizations and individuals they served. 

Toyya Pujol

This ISyE Ph.D. alumna uses math for social good.

Jialei Chen, Ana María Estrada Gómez, and Henry Yuchi

ISyE students comprise three of the five winners.

Christos Alexopoulos

Alexopoulos is the first person to receive both awards in the same year.

Augustine Esogbue

As the first Black IE/OR Ph.D. in the world, and Georgia Tech's first Black tenured professor, Esogbue has been a trailblazer throughout his academic career.

Pascal Van Hentenryck

National Science Foundation-funded competition supports ready-to-implement, research-based pilot projects with high potential for scalable, sustainable, and transferable impact on community-...

Santhosh Saravanan

CYC is an organization providing pro bono consulting to women- and minority-owned small businesses. For Santhosh, the organization's mission is an opportunity to make a difference.

A. Russell Chandler III Chair and Institute Emeritus Professor George Nemhauser

Election to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) is one of the highest professional distinctions accorded an engineer.

Jan Shi

ASQ cited Shi for creatively devising and implementing engineering-driven data fusion methodologies to achieve IPQI in manufacturing systems.

Colonel Frank Groseclose (left) and faculty member Bob Eskew in 1951

The students, faculty, and staff composing the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering are pioneers -- and have been since the department's humble beginning in 1945.

Assistant Professor Vidya Muthukumar

Her research interests are in game theory and online and statistical learning.

Assistant Professor Ashwin Pananjady

Pananjady's research interests  lie broadly in statistics, optimization, and information theory, as well as their applications in data science, machine learning, and reinforcement learning.