Engineering Economy Web-based Course

ISyE 3025 covers methods of economic analysis in engineering, including time value of money, equivalence, economic measures of worth, selection rules for alternatives, income taxes and equipment depreciation, inflation, and uncertainty. Please read the syllabus in its entirety before moving onto the lectures.


Use T-Square to access the course syllabus, course calendar, bulletin board, and grade sheets. You should regularly check the calendar on T-Square part of the site for important news, including details of the time and location of help sessions. You are encouraged to use the T-Square bulletin board for questions of a general nature, which may be of interest to others. The bulletin board will be organized into several forums: one for each major topic (one for technical issues related to the web site, etc.) For questions that pertain only to you, such as a missed quiz or an error in computing a quiz grade, e-mail your instructor and be sure to include the course number in the subject of the email.

Some of the introductory material in the introductory lecture is out-of-date. Please refer to the course syllabus and the instructor for all administrative matters.

ISYE 3025 Engineering Economy Lectures

Basic Concepts

Financial Mathematics
Concept of Equivalence

Equivalence Formulas Part 1

Equivalence Formulas Part 2

Interest Rates
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