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Martin Savelsbergh, Ph.D.

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Martin Savelsbergh

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Martin Savelsbergh is an optimization and logisticsspecialist with over 20 years of experience in mathematical modeling,operations research, optimization methods, algorithm design,performance analysis, logistics, supply chain management, andtransportation systems. He has published over 100 research papers inmany of the top optimization and logistics journals. Martin has a trackrecord of creating innovative techniques for solving large-scaleoptimization problems in a variety of areas, ranging from supply chainmaster planning and execution, to world-wide tank container management,to vehicle routing and scheduling problems.

Martin Savelsbergh is professor in ISyE and research director of TheSupply Chain & Logistics Institute. He is actively involved inindustriallysponsored research projects at The Supply Chain & LogisticsInstitute, including thedevelopment of dynamic load planning technology for Saia, alarge LTL carrier, the development of cost-to-serveanalysis technology for Praxair, a large industrial gas distributor,and the development of collaborative transportation procurementtechnology for RubberNetwork, a conglomerate of tire companies.

Other research projects that Martin is involved in include the analysisof the value of allowing deliveries to be split during distribution,the development of technology for inventory routing problems, theanalysis of dispatch strategies for environments where requests forservice arrive dynamically over time and where contracts are in placethat guarantee service within a certain period, the cost-effectivedelivery of blood to regional hospitals operating with vendor managedinventory policies, the development and analysis of technology foreffectively using meet-and-turn points in regional LTL networks, thedevelopment of robust empty container management models, and carrierbid optimization in the presence of competition.

Martin Savelsbergh served as Area Editor for Operations ResearchLetters, and currently serves as Associate Editor for Mathematics ofOperations Research,Transportation Science, Networks, and Naval Logistics Research, and heis a member of theeditorial board of Constraints.Martin has given presentations and short courses on optimization andlogistics in more than a dozen countries around the world.


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