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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program offers research for pay via a NSF sponsored research experiences for undergraduates program in the multi-disciplinary field of materials research. The program is for full time research from June 4to July 30, 2003, and provides total earnings of $5,000 for the eight week period; on-campus housing is available. Materials research is cross discplinary with faculty and students coming from the sciences and engineering. The broad focus for SURF 2003 is Structure-Property Correlation Across Micro-to-Nano Length Scales. See the list of faculty projects at the SURF website for a more complete description of individual research projects. During the course of the program, students will attend seminars on ethics, technical communications, graduate school preparation, and go on field trips, as well as interact socially with other undergraduate and graduate students. They will also make an end-of-the-project presentation at a special closing ceremony. This year's program includes some research projects in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. The deadline for SURF applications is February 21. Contact Dr. Thadhani, 404-894-2651, or Dr. Gokhale, 404-894-2887 for more information.

SURE: The Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering/Science Program at GT

SURE is a ten-week summer research program for pay designed to attract qualified minority students into graduate school in the fields of engineering and science. Approximately thirty students of at least junior-level undergraduate standing are recruited on a nationwide basis and paired with both a faculty and a graduate student mentor to undertake research projects in the College of Engineering, College of Sciences, and the Packaging Research Center . The students are housed on campus, and in addition to a $500 travel allowance, are provided with a meal plan and a $4,000 stipend. Aside from their own research projects, the participants are provided with a series of seminars and field trips to expose them to the various topics of interest, both at Georgia Tech and in the Atlanta area.

Women, Science, and Technology

The Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology (WST Center) is an inter-college initiative sponsored by the office of the Provost. The WST Center links issues in the study of science and technology with those of gender, culture, and society. Growing out of the interdisciplinary Ivan Allen College undergraduate minor in Women, Science, and Technology, the Center brings together faculty and students, addressing issues of gender, science, and technology in research and programmatic initiatives. Each fall and spring WST offers undergraduate research opportunities in gender, science, and technology for part-time pay . WST Faculty Research areas are listed at Please contact WST Co-Directors Mary Frank Fox , 404-894-1818, or Carol Colatrella, 404-894-1241, or Mary Lynn Realff, 404-894-2496 for information.