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Objectives and Outcomes for the Undergraduate Program at the Stewart School

Program Objectives

  • To prepare our graduates to become accomplished Industrial Engineers.
  • To prepare our graduates to communicate effectively.
  • To prepare our graduates to achieve leadership positions.
  • To prepare our graduates to achieve life-long learning.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduation, the students will have obtained:

  • An ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering to the IE domain.
  • An ability to collect and analyze appropriate data.
  • An ability to apply IE methods to the design of constrained systems.
  • An ability to work in teams.
  • An ability to describe a problem, recognize its difficulty, and develop and evaluate potential solutions.
  • An understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • An ability to present results effectively.
  • An ability to determine the impact of IE domain solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and social context.
  • An ability to continue to develop in the field.
  • Knowledge of current issues relevant to IE domain.
  • An ability to participate effectively within an organization.