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Undergraduate Curriculum, Requirements, & Regulations

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The ISyE curriculum requires a broad set of courses early in a student’s matriculation. These are followed by a set of applied courses organized into five concentrations for students to choose from. A culminating capstone design or senior design provides the opportunity to apply previous knowledge.


BSIE offers a novel concentration system that allows the student to build both depth and breadth.

Category Groups
Science Math 16, Physics 8, Lab Sciences 8, Computer Science 9
Humanities English 6, Humanities Electives 6
Social Science Economics 3, History 3, Psychology 3, Social Science Elective 3
Wellness Health/Fitness (HPS 1040, 1062, 1063, or 1064)
Eng elective Engineering elective 9
ISyE Required Courses Engineering Economics 1, Probability 3 Statistics 3, Stochastics 3, Simulation 3, Optimization 3, Senior design 4
ISyE Electives Concentration breadth + Concentration depth
Business Business Elective 3
Free elective Free Electives

Other Academic Requirements

  • Mathematics Requirement. ISyE students must complete the required math courses (MATH 1501, 1502, 2401, and 2602) with a letter grade of C or better. Students who receive a D or F in a required math course are advised to repeat the course as soon as possible, preferably during the following semester at Georgia Tech. The course may not be taken at another school.
  • ISyE Requirement. Students who receive an F in a required ISyE course are required to repeat the course as soon as possible, preferably during the following semester at Georgia Tech. Students will not be allowed to register for ISyE 4106 (Senior Design) until this requirement is met. The course may not be taken at another school.
  • One of the lab science courses should be Chem 1310. It will allow you to to choose from a larger set of engineering electives.
  • Among science and free electives, at least one course must be on the Environment. Please find the approved list for Environment Requirement here.
  • The Global Perspectives requirement will be required and enforced for ANY students on the 2012-13 catalog year, and every subsequent catalog year. Thus, for students starting in Summer 2012, or even continuing students who change their major, upgrade to a new curriculum, etc., the requirement will be enforced.
  • Regents’ test, wellness and GPA requirements can be found at GT Catalog.
  • Constitution and History Examinations: To satisfy the state requirements regarding coursework in the history and constitutions of the United States and Georgia, students must complete one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2112, POL 1101, PUBP 3000, or INTA 1200. One of these courses, combined with an additional nine hours of Institute-approved social science courses, satisfies the twelve-hour social sciences requirement. Credit is not given for both POL 1101 & INTA 1200.
  • Minor with the BSIE, please refer GT catalog items 5 and 6 (and 7 for Energy Minor) at ISYE does not allow double counting of courses for the BSIE and minor, the exception being Free Electives. The reason is that double counting of courses may not provide you with a broad education. If in doubt, please consult with your advisor.

Concentration Information

Concentration Flowcharts

2014-2015 General IE Econ & FS OR Quality & Stat Supply Chain
2013-2014 General IE Econ & FS OR Quality & Stat Supply Chain
2012-2013 General IE Econ & FS OR Quality & Stat Supply Chain
2011-2012 General IE Econ & FS OR Quality & Stat Supply Chain
2010-2011 General IE Econ & FS OR Quality & Stat Supply Chain

Sample Course Sequence

Georgia Tech Academic Rules and Regulations

Regulations concerning Grades, Deficiencies, cross enrollment, etc, can be found here. Below, a few more common ones are listed below.

Incompletes. Students must arrange to remove the incomplete by the end of the next semester, or the grade will be automatically changed to F. A grade change form must be submitted by the instructor to the academic office.

Academic Standing. The minimum GPA for good academic standing is 1.7 for freshman, 1.8 for sophomores, 1.95 for juniors and 2.0 for seniors. Any student who has an overall average below the minimum or whose average for a given semester falls below the minimum requirement will be placed on academic warning and will be limited to a maximum course load of sixteen credit hours. A student on warning whose average for any semester falls below the minimum requirement for good standing will be placed on academic probation and will be limited to a maximum course load of fourteen credit hours. A student on probation whose average falls below the minimum requirements in any semester will be dropped from school for unsatisfactory scholarship.

Maximum Academic Load. Students in good standing may take up to 21 credit hours in any semester. Note that course loads exceeding 18 hours are typically not recommended except for exceptionally talented students.

Pass/Fail. Certain courses may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. For ISyE students these are limited to social sciences, humanities and free electives. The maximum number of Pass/Fail credits is 3 for those with total of 45 – 70 hours at Georgia Tech; 6 for 71 – 90; and 9 for 91 or more. No ISyE courses may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis by a student seeking the BSIE degree.

Thirty-Six Hour Rule. The final thirty-six hours earned for a degree must be taken in residence at Georgia Tech.

Ten-Year Rule. Courses completed more than ten years prior to one’s graduation date must be validated by a special examination.

Repeating Courses. Courses which are passed normally may not be repeated. Students who wish to repeat such a course must first obtain approval in writing from their major department. Concurrence of the department in which the course is offered is also required.

Responsibilities. “Sloppiness” may not be tolerated by faculty such as overdue assignments, or missed examinations. Indeed, if an examination is missed or an assignment not completed on time without prior acknowledgment and/or explanation, the student should not routinely expect to be given extra time or an opportunity for any makeup work. It is also the student’s responsibility to know and/or to find out when exams, assignments, etc. have been re-scheduled.

Honor Code. Georgia Tech has an Honor Code and the faculty of ISyE is serious about upholding it. If you are deemed to be in violation of the Honor Code, ISyE faculty members are instructed to file a report accordingly with the Director of Undergraduate Studies who then forwards, to the Associate Dean of Students, all documentation related to alleged transgressions. Matters are then handled in the Dean’s Office.

If you are a newcomer, or still unclear regarding what it is that industrial engineers might do, you should find Problems for Industrial and Systems Engineers informative.


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