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Master of Science in Operations Research (MSOR)

CORE (15 hrs required)

  • ISyE 6669 Deterministic Optimization
  • ISyE 6650 Probabilistic Models and Their Applications
  • ISyE 6644 Simulation
  • Math 4261 Mathematical Statistics I
  • CS/ISyE xxxx Computing*


Students will typically satisfy this requirement with 6000-level coursework that is traditionally identified with and clearly supports the stated degree concentration of "Operations Research". In addition to relevant ISyE offerings, courses may be taken in other fields such as computing and mathematics. Selected courses at the 4000-level may be allowed subject to the approval of the student's advisor and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. A full list of approved technical electives can be found in the Academic Office as well as the Graduate Handbook


*Course to be selected from graduate-level offerings in the College of Computing or ISyE. Course should have significant computing content and must be approved by the student's advisor and the Director of Academic programs.