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Graduate Admission & Requirements

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester
    • PHD - December 15
    • MS Analytics - January 1
    • MSIE, MSOR, MSHS, MS CSE, MS Stat - February 1
    • MS SCE - March 1
    • distance learning MSIE and MSOR - June 1
    • MSQCF deadlines

To apply, visit the Georgia Tech Graduate Admissions website. Your application will be immediately downloaded into the Georgia Tech Admissions database.

Distance Learning

We also offer MS IE and MS OR via distance learning. Applications are open for fall and spring semesters. For more information on the Distance Learning program, visit their website.

Admissions decisions are based, in large measure, on information derived from three sources:

  • Performance in all prior degree programs (earned GPA, field(s), institution(s))
  • GRE scores, especially the quantitative and analytical/analytical writing portions. Note that applications to the OR Ph.D. Program and especially those to the ACO Program are strengthened by the inclusion of a high GRE Subject Test score if applicable (e.g. mathematics or computer science)
  • Credible letters of reference.

To give you an idea of the level of competition, we provide below some statistics relative to admitted applicants for the prior year. Note that the data reflects only a profile and are not intended to suggest strict "cut-offs." That said, you may want to examine the figures carefully in order to form a realistic assessment of your chances of being admitted to one of our graduate programs.

GRE (Average / Median)
GPA (Average / Median undergraduate)
Total Applicants (811)
Analytical Writing
Admitted (387)
158 / 158
164 / 166
3.7 / 3.5
3.6 / 3.7

GRE (Average / MEDIAN)
GPA* (Average / Median undergraduate)
Total Applicants (323) 
Analytical Writing
Admitted (65)
157 / 156
165 / 166
4.2 / 4
3.8 / 3.8
AVERAGE SUBJECT SCORE (not required) **
890 / 910

*Note that the stated GPA averages include many scores that have been "converted" from transcripts of academic work earned outside the U.S. Many of the latter involve grading systems that have a basis other than 4.0 and/or reflect different grading standards altogether.

** Mathematics subject test of 920 is in the 99th percentile.